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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Environmental aspects has become the main strategic element for enterprises passing from a simple tie to a really competitive factor. Processes enviromental impact, the reduction of the use of natural resources and the waste management represent a competitive elements to have happened on national and international trades.

GRAND HOTEL AMINTA has adopted this “Enviromental Policy”, a document that establishes enviromental objectives.
The “Enviromental Policy” objective is to challenge the enviromental variables, aiming to a sustainable development that strengthens the enterprise competitiveness in technological fields.
The hotel management and its staff are engaged to operate following some principles.

1 – Proactive attitude: to develop a proactive attitude by means of the promotion of effective systems of enviromental management them and supporting studies and initiatives times to the improvement of the quality of the atmosphere it puts into effect them and future and of the level of emergency and protection of the health.

2 – Respect for the atmosphere: to support the norms and the systems that stimulate and improve the quality acclimatizes them and the emergency of the workings carried out in company.

3 – Products and processes: to promote the application of principles DFE (Design for Environment – Planning oriented to the atmosphere) and of the methodologies of analysis of the impacts acclimatizes them and of the emergency to favor the efficient use of the resources
 of the processes. In particular: to organize the processes worked to you so
 employed in the work cycles to you; to reduce the impact it
 as to diminish their impact on the atmosphere; acclimatizes them of &he processes applying the best technologies, compatibly with the resources available
 to improve the use of the recyclable products; materials in order to favor the recovery and the disposal.

4 – Continuous improvement: to improve the behavior acclimatizes them of the company, holding account of the technical progress, the scientific acquaintance and the expectations of the collectivity, considering like departure point the norm in vigor, to the aim to prevent character problems acclimatizes them.

5 – Respect of the enforced legislation and other norms of character acclimatizes them: all the activities carried out inside and outside of the company, will be in compliance with the enforced legislation, above all as far as the safeguard of the atmosphere. The activities will be moreover consistent to other norms of character acclimatize them let alone to eventual requirement of type it acclimatizes them that the company has been engaged to respect with customers or external agencies.

6 – Formation of the staff: to inform and sensibilizzare the own ones employee on the problematic ones acclimatize them and of emergency, according to the sostenibile development of the company. To instruct, to form and to motivate the collaborators for one conduction in the cares of the responsible and careful atmosphere.

7 – Preventive appraisal of the effects acclimatizes them: to estimate the effects preliminarily acclimatizes them, the ergonomics and the emergency of the new processes worked, produced to you to work, activity or plans.

8 – Information to the public: to improve in continuous way the information to the public on the use, transport, and disposal of the products deals to you, also to the ends of the respect for the atmosphere, the emergency of the persons and for the reduction of the energetic consumption and of other resources, including, when necessary, the instructions for one correct management of the disposal. To such scope, also the Political present “Acclimatizes them” is rendered public and available to anyone make some demanded, is Agencies that try to you city.

9 – Members and suppliers: to apply, in the choice of members and sub-assemblies and of the suppliers, those criteria that favor the products of the companies that are adhered to the principles of the present declaration.

Sorrento 24.11.2008 The Management




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